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COVID-19 Policy

Hours:   Mon-Fri 6am to 8pm / Sat-Sun – 6am to 9pm

What you need to know about reopening the GYM. Things are not the same as they previously were. Whether this will change in the future remains to be seen, in the meantime we ask for your patience and cooperation as we all adjust to the new way of doing business. In order to adhere to the guidelines some changes have been made that are not going to be easy to deal with. Our priority as from the beginning is the health safety of our staff and members.

  1. Maximum amount of people in the GYM is 50. We will keep tally at the front.
  2. Entry – at your first visit to the GYM please come in a few minutes early. Conor will meet briefly with you to apply your gym information to a key fob. There will no longer be a log-in process, you only have to scan your key fob over the scanner to ensure minimal contact.
  3. 2 metres distance will be observed at all times (unless within your circle such as a family member). Sanitation equipment will be given to each member, we ask that you clean all equipment when finished. Bathrooms/ change rooms will be cleaned regularly.
  4. Membership – rates have not changed. At the beginning of the pandemic we suspended all payments, so as of Monday, July 20th, the suspension will be lifted and all memberships resume.
  5. Notices – posters, notices, reminders for physical distancing and a sneeze guard have been added as reminders and layers of protection for staff and members.
  6. Classes – new schedule will be posted Friday – we will be limiting the number of classes to start with and will add as warranted.
  7. Weight Pit – allow for 2 metres and clean equipment after use – no time limit on your training session.
  8. Cardio area – for social distancing, we have marked pieces of equipment “out of order” to allow for 2 metres between members whilst working out – no time limits on your sessions.
  9. Pool use/Aquafit – in order to maintain physical distancing in the change room, we are allowing 7 people at a time into the pool. If there is an Aquafit class with more than 7 people, a waiting area is set up outside the change room. When there is room for the next person, the next in line goes in. At the end of class. 7 people at a time will leave to go through the change room.
  10. Personal Training – all personal trainers will wear protective equipment, please contact us should you wish to set up personal training or small group training.
  11. Sauna / steam room – these will remain closed as per stage 3 guidelines.
  12. Fit4Her – as with the rest of the GYM each member will have a spray bottle and cloth. During the “stepping break” after each machine the member will clean the machine they were just using before going back to stepping on the step pad.
  13. Coffee Club – sadly, for the time being there is no coffee club as physical distancing can’t be observed. I’m hoping this is for the short term.
  14. Masks – as per medical direction, masks should be worn as much as tolerable in the GYM and in areas that are not exercise areas, this includes change rooms. When you are at your exercise area you can take your mask off. If you are medically exempt from wearing a mask please identify and let our front staff know.  Do not wear your mask in the pool.

We are collectively doing our best to ensure a seamless and safe reopening.  If you agree or disagree with protocols listed here, this is not staff’s decision, so venting to them about any frustrations would be inappropriate. To accommodate law and policy surrounding opening we have to adjust accordingly, which for some may clash with their personal beliefs and desires. The forum for discussing such things is not in the front foyer of the GYM or with my staff. The news lately has examples of frustrated people taking out their anger with people simply doing their job. The GYM has always been a place of distraction and peace away from the hustle and bustle, I’d like to keep it that way.

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