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The Gym has a wide variety of programs and pricing options available to suit your needs. All of our memberships are currently billed monthly – no long term commitment required, just a one month deposit. You can contact us by phone or by email for any additional inquiries. Prices listed below are before tax unless otherwise indicated. HST applies.

We have three main streams – our Club Memberships, Fit 4 Her, and our Personal Training Academy.

Club Memberships


The All-Inclusive Club Membership grants members all-access to all of our Facilities, This includes the Pit with our free weights, machines and training equipment, and the Cardio and Core area with elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowers and stationary bikes.

Members also have access to the pool during scheduled free swim areas, the hot tub and steam room.

All-inclusive members have access to most Classes, unless specifically indicated they are not a part of the membership. (ex: Fit4Her).

Individual Memberships$45Per Month

Discounts and Packages







*Corporate Packages: Employer must set up discount program ahead of time. Minimum 5 employees. Must show valid pay stub. Hero Packages: Available for Military and First Responders. Must show valid ID.

Limited Passes

Pool, Steam Room & Hot Tub Only

Classes Only

Non-Member Passes

Monthly Rate

Day Pass

(Includes Tax)

Week Pass

CoolSculpting by Time Capsule


[One Unit Punch Card]

Small Area
Large Area


[Two Unit Punch Card]

Small Area
Large Area


[Three Unit Punch Card]

Small Area
Large Area

Complete Health Check to Apply for CoolSculpting

    Health Check

    Are you trying to conceive?

    Are you currently pregnant?

    Are you currently breastfeeding?

    Have you had heart bypass surgery?

    Do you have heart disease?

    Do you have hypertension/high blood pressure?

    Do you have diabetes?

    Do you have diabetic neuropathy?

    Do you have a hernia?

    Do you have Raynaud's disease (sensitivity to cold?)?

    Do you have impaired peripheral circulation in the area to be treated?

    Are you on blood thinners?

    Do you have a blood disorder?

    Do you have skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, or rashes?

    Have you had a recent surgery?

    Swim Passes

    (Scheduled Times)


    (Includes Tax)

    Under 18

    (Includes Tax)

    Fit 4 Her

    Fit 4 Her is our exclusive women’s only program. Providing dedicated safe spaces for women to work out in, with coached programs, we offer the kind of support that women should have, to help them succeed in their fitness goals. See our Fit4Her page for more details on this program.

    You can pair this with an All-Inclusive Club Membership, or with Partner or Family passes to gain access to the entirety of the Gym’s offerings.

    Individual Memberships$45Per Month


    + Gym

    + Gym with Partner

    + Gym with Family

    Personal Training Academy

    Get one-on-one, or hand-tailored training from one of our qualified Personal Trainers! Hourly rates for trainers start at $99 for x sessions, and decrease in price per hour with subscription or multiple session packages.

    Got small group or a team that wants a little extra attention? Our personal trainers can run individualized sessions for small groups.

    Introductory Offer$99

    Rates and Packages

    10 Session Package

    Weekly Subscription

    (minimum 3 month commitment)

    Small Group Training

    (up to 4 trainees, $75 for five trainees)

    Team Training

    (minimum $70 persession)

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